estate planning

Estate planning is really about families. At J.Cutler Law, we can help your family by ensuring that you and your spouse, children, parents, or siblings are properly taken care of. Some of the most common estate planning documents we provide are:



A will is usually the first thing people think of when considering estate planning. And rightfully so. Everyone should have a will whether or not they want a more comprehensive estate plan.

A will is important because it specifies who gets your property when you pass away. Without a will, your property is dispersed according to state law, which can create substantial unintended consequences.

There are also other vital purposes of a will. For instance, you can appoint a personal guardian to raise your minor children if you and the other parent are not available. 

We help individuals, couples, and families properly plan for the future by drafting comprehensive wills.



Similar to a will, a trust is used to transfer your property upon your death. However, unlike a will, a trust avoids probate (a costly, time-consuming court process), thus saving your loved ones time and money.

A revocable living trust is the most common form of trust because of its flexibility. With this type of trust you transfer ownership of your property into the name of the trust but you still effectively own your property. You can transfer your property or amend or revoke your trust at any time.

Upon death, your property is transferred according to the instructions in the trust. All without a probate proceeding.

At J.Cutler Law we can assist you in creating the type of trust that meets your unique needs.


power of attorney

A durable power of attorney appoints someone you trust to manage your finances if you become incapacitated. 

If you become unable to manage your finances without a power of attorney, then a court will have to authorize your spouse, family member, or companion to manage your finances. This court procedure - called a conservatorship or guardianship proceeding - can be expensive and time-consuming. 

In contrast, the drafting of a power of attorney is relatively simple and affordable. 

We can draft a durable power of attorney for you so that those closest to you will not have to worry about your finances if something were to happen to you.



We can handle all of your estate planning needs.

Some of our most common estate planning services are listed below. The typical price range for our packages is $500-$1500. For a price quote or more information on any of these services, and many more, please schedule a free consultation or call us at 801-618-4469.

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