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Real estate is a part of all of our lives. Whether an owner or tenant, challenges related to the property we buy, sell, or rent occur far too often. Thankfully, J.Cutler Law can help you navigate through any of your real estate issues. Some of the most common legal matters we deal with include:


homeowners' association

If you purchased a townhouse, condominium, or other property in a planned community, you are likely part of a homeowners' association (HOA).

With every HOA there comes certain rules and regulations that every homeowner agrees to abide by. These are known as CC&R's. Some CC&R's are more strict than others but all are subject to various Utah laws regarding planned developments.

As a law firm knowledgeable in the laws affecting HOAs, we can help you and your HOA comply with the most current legislation. 

Whether you are a board member of an HOA, or a concerned resident, we can update your CC&R's and review the HOA's practices to ensure legal compliance. 



Construction law is a legal field that encompasses contract law, employment law, tort, and commercial law, Knowing all of your rights and remedies in so many fields of law is difficult without professional help.

That's where we come in. We provide solutions to all of your construction related legal needs.

We can assist you with issues involving negligence, breach of contract, liens and other security interests. 

We help contractors draft all types of agreements and provide counsel regarding every phase of construction.

We also assist property owners to make sure their home or building is constructed exactly the way it should be and for the agreed upon price.



Anyone who has ever leased property knows of the issues than can arise in the landlord-tenant relationship. 

Because these issues occur frequently, knowledge regarding state laws affecting the landlord-tenant relationship is critical to both the landlord and tenant.

A landlord wants to protect his or her investment while operating a profitable business. A tenant wants to be comfortable and satisfied in their home or commercial space. Both want to avoid legal hassles regarding the deposit, repairs, rent, and other important issues.

We have the legal knowledge to help both landlords and tenants avoid and/or resolve any legal problems. We draft lease agreements, notices, and demand letters and represent either party in a lawsuit if needed.





We can handle all of your real estate related legal needs.

Some of our most common real estate services are listed below. The typical price range for these services is $250-$500. For a price quote or more information on any of these services, and many more, please schedule a free consultation or call us at 801-618-4469.

For discounts on any service, ask us about one of our membership plans.

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